summer roadThere is something magic about the open road during the summer. It’s something we relish–the air is warmer, the sun stays up longer, and the trees are leafy and green. It’s a time of year for going to barbecues and taking trips to the beach.

However, along with the good, summer does bring some things that aren’t quite so fun. There’s dead bugs, sand, sun fade, and more. All of this can be damaging to your vehicle. So before you head off on your summertime trip to the jersey shore, make sure our four summer maintenance tips are on your radar.

Four Tips to Protect Your Car This Summer

  1. Start with a protective wax application: Adding a layer between your paint job and the elements goes a long way toward preventing dead bugs, bird droppings, and the sun from doing their damage.
  2. Protect leather interiors: Heat and sunlight are enemies of leather seats. Try investing in some seat covers. Not only will this keep the hot leather from sticking to your legs when you’re wearing shorts, but it helps to protect the leather. While you’re at it, pick up some leather conditioner. This moisturizes the leather and keeps it from growing brittle.
  3. Seek shade: Direct sunlight can cause fading to your paint job and deterioration to your interior over time. Park under a tree, or indoors if you can. If you can’t, try using a windshield sun shade. For more information about preventing sun fading, check out our past blog post.
  4. Clean your car well and regularly: Even small pieces of dirt and dust can cause microscopic damage in your paint job. If you don’t wash these off in time, they will eventually cause the type of damage you can see.

Keeping your car clean is an important part of maintaining its good looks for years to come. If you’d rather leave it in the hands of a professional, click here to learn more about our detailing services.

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