turtle crossingNow that summer is in full swing, road trips are on the horizon.

Whether you’re heading to the Jersey Shore or traveling to Delaware’s beaches, you have a long drive ahead of you.

Long drives can be stressful, and your bound to encounter some traffic that will turn up the tension.

In order to make your drive as safe and comfortable as possible, we’ve come up with this list of tips for smooth sailing down to the shore.

Five Tips for a Stress-Free Beach Road Trip

  1. Keep Materials Handy: When you’re on the road, easy access to necessities is a tremendous help. Before you leave, organize a box with things like wet wipes, phone chargers, pain and anti nausea medicines, and sunglasses. This way, you won’t need to feel around your car or make any stops at drug stores when you realize you need something.
  2. Pack Healthy Snacks: Dehydration and hunger will put you in a cranky mood fast. Stopping along the way not only wastes time, but makes you likely to fill your body with junk. Keep some filling, healthy, and easy-to-eat snacks handy. Dried fruit, granola bars, nuts, and string cheese are all good options. Also, don’t forget a cooler with water bottles.
  3. Keep Your Body Moving: Sitting still for hours isn’t good for you. You will get achy quickly, and kids will get antsy. Every twenty minutes or so, it’s smart to make a small adjustment in your seat. Make sure you make frequent stops for bathroom breaks, or even just to stretch your legs. If you have the resources, this is also the perfect time to swap out drivers.
  4. Keep Entertained: Let everyone add some music or audio books to your road trip playlist, and make sure your kids have activity books to keep them occupied.
  5. Don’t Stress: Things like traffic and aggressive drivers are out of your control. Leave early so you have ample time, and try to take deep breaths if you feel any road rage coming on. Keeping zen will help you to enjoy your vacation with your family and friends.

We wish you safe summer travels and a relaxing trip!

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