SandIt’s summer, you’re driving to the beach to enjoy the sun, and before you even arrive you notice that the sand from last year’s vacation still seems to be lingering. This is a common complaint amongst our customers.

Luckily we have come up with some tips for keeping the Jersey Shore exactly where it belongs.

  1. Get a seat sheet. Line the seats of your car or the trunk with an old bedsheet. This adds a layer of protection and is easy to shake out and clean once you arrive home
  2. Use a chair. If you’re worried about a sheet or towel collecting sand, try sitting on a chair. You can rinse this off with water before leaving so you won’t be taking the beach home with you.
  3.  Keep a brush. I’m not talking a hair brush, more like a soft-bristle brush that you can keep in your car and use for cleaning that hard-to-get sand from the bottoms of shoes and chairs.
  4. Change out your beach bag. You might think you are smart for bringing a zipper backpack to the beach, but you’re actually trapping in more sand that will gradually disperse after your beach trip. Instead, get a mesh or straw bag that won’t trap sand and shake it out before returning to your car.
  5. Carry water. Water is important enough as is for combating summer high temperatures. However, it’s also useful if you need to rinse off because you are bound to attract more sand to your body even after you strategically use the outdoor shower.
  6. Pack baby powder. This sounds strange, but it works. Rubbing a small amount of baby powder on your hands and feet will help get rid of the remaining sand when getting back into your car.
  7. Bring a laundry basket. A small laundry basket that fits nicely in your trunk is always good to have. You can throw dirty towels and clothes right into it so when you get home they go straight to the washer.

It’s inevitable that you’ll end up with sand in your car, no matter how hard you try. Luckily, if all else fails you always have our Havertown auto detailing services.


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