Jeeps are made to get dirty. They are known to be great for mudding, off-roading, overlapping, a trip to the beach, and many other outdoor activities. But after all the fun and games, a roughed up Jeep can be made to look brand new.

Here at Rick’s we’ve had our fair share of performing full details on Jeep Wranglers, Cherokee’s, Liberties, and Renegades. Our cleaning process is thorough, and effective for both appearances and disinfecting.

When performing a full detail we like to start with the interior:

  • We vacuum and use compressed air to dislodge any lingering dust from the interior and cargo area.
  • Then, we sanitize all plastic and leather surfaces.
  • Our attention is then turned to any fabric surfaces. We shampoo and steam clean all carpets and fabric surfaces, including seats, visors, and headliners.
  • Next, all glass and mirrors are cleaned and whipped down along with a sealant to all door jambs.
  • We end off the interior detail with a final vacuum and inspection.

To get our Jeeps mud-free we follow this process for our the exterior:

  • We start by handwashing the vehicle alongside of a spray lubrication process.
  • We make sure to wipe down all painted surfaces with an alcohol prep solvent alongside of a machine polish of all painted surfaces.
  • We then hand apply wax or sealant to all painted surfaces and exhaust pipes.
  • Lastly, we clean all exterior glass and dress all plastic and tires.

If you have a Jeep that you recently took for a fun outdoor activity, there is no better time to get it detailed! Check out some of our work on Jeeps:

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