Sealants & Ceramic Coatings

$200 & Up
$200 & Up

Today’s automotive paints are less durable so to better protect your car’s paint, bring it to Rick’s. We will apply a sealant of your choice to make your paint more resilient and appear glossier.

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Nano Synthetic Paint Sealant

Starting at $175

Our nano-based paint sealant forms a protective armor around your paint and keeps your vehicle’s shine. Additionally, it makes your regular cleanings a breeze. Paint sealant is an excellent option for those who want to protect their paint and maintain a reflective shine without needing to wax every few weeks.

*Paint correction may be necessary prior to paint sealant application

Ceramic Coatings

Starting at $300

Our ceramic polymer sealant will makes your paint more resilient and appear glossier. Ceramic coatings are the ultimate in protection for your car’s finish, outlasting any natural waxed and synthetic sealants. Once applied, your car will be protected from micro-marring and swirls when washing. Plus, water will bead as soon as it touches the surface.

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