house-369121_640Now that it’s summer, your car will likely spend a  lot of time baking under the sun. Unfortunately, this often leads to premature rusting and fading. There are still some precautions you can take to maintain that dealership shine.

Seek shelter. Parking in a garage or a covered space will help shield your vehicle from the hot summer sun. Not only will this help to avoid fading, but it will also keep your tires and headlights in better shape.

Wash frequently. You should get in the routine of washing your car regularly — even if it rains. This will reduce the possibility of dirt polluting your paint job. For really dried on debris, try using a clay bar rather than picking or scratching.

Always hand dry. Especially in the summer, it’s tempting to let your vehicle air dry after a wash. However, water evaporation can leave minerals behind that can lead to fading. Instead, use a clean cotton rag to dry to wipe away wet spots.

Wax often. It may seem like a pain, but waxing your vehicle is definitely worth the time and effort. Not only does it create a protective barrier between your car and roadside dirt, but it also helps to battle the sun’s rays. Nothing, not even fading, will stick to your car if you get on a regular waxing schedule.

Follow this regular maintenance routine and your car will always look brand new. To make an appointment to have your car detailed, fill out our contact form.

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