cigarettes If you are trying to quit smoking your car might be the site of the most difficult battle. Many smokers love to have a cigarette while driving and that leads to the smell permeating all the surfaces in the car. Having to confront that odor can be unpleasant for non-smokers and can make quitting smoking difficult. Also to consider is that if you are trying to trade-in or sell your car the cigarette smell will greatly decrease its value and turn away potential buyers.

The best and really only way to truly eliminate smoke odor is to completely clean and detail the inside of your car, and Rick’s specializes in odor removal. This means wiping down all surfaces as the smoke has settled on everything inside the vehicle. All carpets need to be brushed and vacuumed to remove odor particles that have accumulated in the material.

Once you have completely cleaned the car you need to use a material or chemical that will absorb the odor. There are many commercial products that can do this or you can do it yourself with some common household items. One option is to use baking soda by simply applying it to the interior, letting it sit as long as possible, and then vacuum it up. It is important to be careful because the chemical properties of baking soda can react with some materials such as leather. Another option is to soak some rags in white vinegar, put them inside plastic bowls, and then place them inside the car. You can then remove them along with the vinegar and other odor.

If you try these tips and the odor is still present you might need to bring your car to a professional. Rick’s Auto Detailing has extensive experience with odor removal of all types including cigarette smoke. We use techniques and equipment above and beyond what is available to consumers to fully detail the car and eliminate the odor.

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