If you have left your car windows open during a storm or had your car stuck in a flood, then you know this can result in an unpleasant smell and unhealthy mold. It’s not an easy task to combat water damage inside a car, but Rick’s has developed a process to help restore the interior of any car after experiencing water damage.

Rick’s Car Interior Water Damage Repair Process

To revive a car from water damage and remove odor we start by vacuuming and use compressed air to disperse any lingering dust or mold from the interior and cargo area. We then clean all plastic and leather surface creases and crevices. We continue by shampooing and steam cleaning all carpet and fabric surfaces, including seats, headliner, and visors. All glass services are then cleaned to a streak-free shine. Lastly, we complete a final vacuum and inspection of the vehicle.

Car Detailing Mold Removal

Mold can grow from the condensation in your A/C system. This mold can then be dispersed throughout the car may be making you sick. If the normal process does not leave your car spotless, we have additional resources to help get rid of the stubborn mold or odor. We can disinfect your car with steam. High temperatures kill off germs without damaging your interior.

Car Odor Removal

For very adamant odors we do offer a car ozone treatment where a generator is placed inside a vehicle and uses electricity to turn oxygen into ozone. As this runs, it will get eliminate stubborn odors as well as eliminate any germs, fungi, and viruses. For more information on an ozone treatment or steam cleaning, check out our blog post.

What Others Are Saying

A half gallon of milk had been left on the floor behind the front passenger seat of my car and had gone unnoticed, until about a week passed and it was the only thing one COULD notice. The stink permeates everything – headliner, carpets, even vinyl, and plastic surfaces.

I tired everything at first to get rid of the odor – Fabreze, baking soda, odor absorbing gels. Nothing worked, and as it turned out, all those efforts actually made matters worse and more difficult to clean. Then I called Rick and between steam cleaning, ionizing and a number of other tricks of the trade, he turned the car around in a day and completely dispatched the stench.

Thanks to Rick, all is well. Even the price was completely reasonable (although I would have paid ANYTHING at that point).

I STRONGLY recommend using Rick for your detailing needs, just as I’ll use him again myself in the future.

~Michael A.

Rick is the best. His eye and his attention to detail are unparalleled. I recently bought a used VW GTI that was previously owned by a heavy smoker. One day with Rick and the car looks and smells brand new.

~Tim D.

Rick’s did a great job getting the stink out and buffing out scratches on the exterior. My kid got sick in my Infiniti and I could not get out the smell after buckets of soapy water. Plus I used a green scrub sponge to try to get the stuff off the outside which scratched the paint. Thanks to Rick, the car looks and smells like new!

~Ann P.

One Call Away

If your vehicle is experiencing water damage, a strange odor, or growing mold, contact us today to make an appointment.