family summer travelAmericans love to travel in the summer. Last year, roughly 91% of Americans traveled by car for a short vacation around Labor Day weekend. A quick domestic trip in your whip is an inexpensive and easy way to enjoy a long weekend; however, are you packing the right supplies for your vehicle? Let’s review 6 must-have items to ensure for a smooth ride.

6 Essential Summer Travel Items For Your Car

1. Owner’s Manual: Remember that book you glanced at when you initially began driving your car? It might be at the bottom of your glove compartment and you probably haven’t referred to its contents in a while; although you never know when you might need a bit of specific information regarding your automobile- for example, how much air your tires require.

2. Tire Pressure Gauge- Understanding how much air your tires need can be found in the owner’s manual, but knowing how much air your tires currently have can only be determined with this tool! Some gas stations may have a gauge readily available, but consider purchasing a standard tire pressure tool– a basic one is just under five bucks.

3. Tire Sealant- While we are on the subject of tires, it is important to have a sealant on hand to patch a leaky tire on the go. Tire sealant can serve as a quick fix to your issue, so it’s best to contact us once you are back from your trip, so that we can assess if wheel repair is necessary.

4. Jumper Cables- There is nothing worse than the sound of a dead battery while you’re hitting the open road. Make sure to supply jumper cables in your car, to ensure this surprise doesn’t deter your travel plans.

5. Windshield Wiper Fluid- Dead bugs sticking to your windshield with no wiper fluid to clean the evidence? Investing in a personal supply of wiper fluid is not a bad idea. If refilling your fluids do not help, you may need a replacement pair of wipers.

6. Paper Towels and Car Wipes- Storing away quick clean up options will allow for a more enjoyable travel experience. If you are gearing up for a long car ride, the more cleaning supplies, the better. Once your trip is over, call us for a full interior detailing, so that you can remove any lingering odors and unwanted stains.

We know vacation planning can be stressful, but with a bit of preparation, you and your car will be happy! Check out a full list of car essentials here.

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