couple driving in convertibleSummer is finally here- and if you are going on a road trip, you’ll need an obligatory driving playlist.

For decades, the relationship between music and cars has perfectly intertwined; from rock to rap, artists have curated verses directly inspired by the act of cruising down the highway.

Need a little inspiration for the long drive ahead? We’ve got classics and new age tracks perfectly suited for cruise control!

10 Best Driving Songs of All Time

  1. Dashboard by Modest Mouse: A well-known release from this Washington born Indie Rock band, Dashboard, pokes fun at all of our automotive and life woe’s. This upbeat tune is a great jam while on the open road!
  2. Free Ride by Edgar Winter Group: This 70’s rock classic can easily be enjoyed with your windows down. The lyrics are simple, but the electric guitar is nothing short of complex. In Free Ride, Dan Hartman urges his listeners to catch a ride to a better place.
  3. Night Moves by Bob Seger: This chill top-100 charted tune tells the story of young love in the back seat of a ’60 Chevy. Night Moves is perfect for the leisurely scenic route traveler.
  4. Joy Ride by Thievery Corporation ft. Mr. Lif and Sitali: The 10th track on the Washington based artists latest album, “Treasures from the Temple.” Joy Ride’s lounge-friendly feel will put any driver at ease.
  5. Ocean Drive by Duke Dumont: Calling all 80’s lovers! Perfect for a solo drive or packed car, London-based DJ depicts a warm summer drive beautifully crafted with heavy synth notes inspired by 80’s disco.
  6. No Particular Place to Go by Chuck Berry: Guitar hero, Chuck Berry, sings about youth and riding on the open road with your sweetheart in this upbeat 60’s tune.
  7. Fun, Fun, Fun by The Beach Boys: This summer classic is the perfect way to settle into vacation mode. Fun, Fun, Fun is about a dangerous girl living carefree before her “daddy takes her T-Bird away.”
  8. I love It by Icona Pop ft Charli XCX: Swedish Electronica duo’s most successful international song, I Love It, tells a familiar tale of unrequited love and the quest for a fresh start by “crashing your car” with no regard for the consequences.
  9. Road to Nowhere by Talking Heads: Laid back yet polyrhythmic, Road to Nowhere’s lyrics are straightforward. Enjoy the ride-paradise is close by.
  10. Fast Car by Tracy Chapman: 80’s legend, Tracy Chapman’s, greatest hit. Fast Car is an obvious choice for those embarking on an adventure!

Need more driving inspiration? Here are a few more.

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