autumn treesDuring this time of year, our daylight hours begin to dwindle. The days will continue to shorten even further until December 21st.

We’re going to be spending a lot more time driving in the dark, and those dark conditions are just one of the risks associated with driving in autumn.

Our Four Tips for Safe Fall Driving

Stay Alert: Thanks to earlier sunsets, lessened visibility on the road means you should be extra alert. Always scan your surroundings and stay focused while driving.

Check Tires: Cold mornings and evenings and warm afternoons cause your tires to expand and contract, resulting in a change in pressure. Make sure you check your tires regularly, adding air as needed.

Watch Out for Leaves: Leaves may be the star of the beautiful autumn scenery, but slippery, wet leaves can reduce traction on the road. Piles of dry leaves are no treat, either. A hot vehicle plus a pile of dry leaves can equal a fire hazard.

Keep Glare in Check: As the position of the sun changes, the new angle of light may increase glare. Make sure you have sunglasses on hand to combat this issue.

We wish you an autumn of safe driving!

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