washing a carAfter a harsh winter, it’s likely your car has taken a beating. Now that it’s officially Spring, it’s time to do something about the salt stains on the exterior and boot residue dried on the floor. While our recommendation is always a professional detail, here are some tips for a DIY car spring cleaning.

Give It a Wash.

Even if it doesn’t look like it, the remnants of winter have settled themselves into the paint of your car. If left alone, they’ll materialize as rust spots. Give your car a good washing to make sure no chemicals are left lingering on your paint job. Don’t forget to wash the wheels, too!


For the price of about 25 cents, you can eliminate all of the dirt and debris you’ve been ignoring all winter. If you don’t have a personal shop vac, head to your local gas station and vacuum the seats and floors. It’s a good idea to get under the floor mats if you had wet shoes in the car this winter.


This is perhaps the easiest and most overlooked aspect of a DIY detailing. Take a compressed air can to dislodge any dust left into the vents, door pockets, and any other nooks and crannies. Then, use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe away dust left on the dashboard and doors.

Get the Windows.

Like the body of your car, your windows and mirrors have seen difficult days this winter. Purchase a car window cleaner to get rid of any leftover residue and use a microfiber cloth to get a streak-free finish. Be sure to get both sides of your windows.

If you’re still not satisfied after your own spring cleaning, be sure to schedule a complete detail at Rick’s!

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