deicing a carWinter weather is an inconvenience for drivers. Whether your car is covered in snow or ice, taking the time to uncover it in low temperatures is never fun. However, what’s worse is realizing that you’ve scratched the paint in your haste.

Proper snow and ice removal is important to keep your car’s body in great shape for the warmer months. Just by taking our advice, you could potentially remove some extra frustration from your morning commute.

1. Turn on your car and let it heat up while you remove ice and snow. Not only will your car be nice and toasty when you’re finished, but the heat will help melt the ice and make your job easier.

2. Don’t use a shovel to remove snow from your car. The sharp metal or plastic edges will scratch the surface of your vehicle. Instead, use a soft broom or a brush designed to gently push snow. Even using your arm is safer than using a shovel.

3. Restrict ice scraper use to your windows. These devices are specially designed to scrape ice from the windshield or window. The moment you use it to scrape another surface, you risk damaging your paint.

4. Rinse road salt off of your car before wiping. The salt is abrasive and could ruin the finish if rubbed against your car. Angie’s List warns to be careful about using automatic carwashes to remove salt, as they may already have salt from other vehicles stuck in their brushes.

We hope this information keeps your vehicle’s exterior safe this winter. If it’s already too late, read about our detailing services.

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