Highly recommend. Just finished my second amazing experience with Rick and his team. My wife’s car interior had a very large amount of dog hair, a summer’s worth of landscaping mess, months of disgusting snacks and drink stains. Rick cleaned all of this to a new car standard. I would have posted before/after pics, but I am too embarrassed by the ‘before’. Also, on the exterior, there was dull paint and scratches from leaning on the car with sunblock and a metal bracelet. The paint job problems were buffed out beautifully. Scratches inside the door handles were significantly improved. I sat in the clean car for about 20 min just to enjoy it before giving it back to my wife. I found Rick by calling three local car dealers. All three service managers named Rick first. You pay more for this quality work, but it is worth it. The customer service is also so much better than anyone else.

-Abe H.

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