shiny wind shield Good visibility is crucial for safety on the road, so when it rains, your windshield wipers have an important job to do. For maximum safety for you and your family, you should get the highest quality windshield wiper blades you can find.

At Rick’s, we recently became authorized dealers of RainEater, the most effective windshield wipers on the market. At a cost of $20 per wiper, these blades are an excellent value.

RainEater wiper blades use coated synthetic rubber blades. Since they are heavily coated, no part of the blade is exposed, resulting in a lesser chance for wear and damage. Unlike traditional wipers, RainEater wipers are in contact with your windshield during the entire swipe, resulting in a streak-free, thoroughly clean windshield.

The wipers have no gaps, so nothing will get caught in them. This is a good thing since trapped leaves and other debris can scratch your glass. The wind-resistant design on RainEater won’t clang or break in high-force winds.

It’s the time of year when we have to start preparing for heavy precipitation, so come in and get some RainEater blades today!

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