soccer ballSummer is an active time for all — especially for those with kids. While sports are a great activity for children, you don’t have to let those carpools ruin the interior of your vehicle. By now, you’ve probably seen it all — mud-caked floor mats after soccer practice, wet seats after swim, and just general filth after football.

As we all know too well, an air freshener isn’t always enough to mask the various scents left after a long practice. Use the tips below to make sure these contaminants remain temporary.

Lay Down Towels

If you’re about to leave the house to pick up kids from practice, grab some towels from the house and use them to line the seats. The towels will absorb most of the dirt and moisture, protecting your vehicle’s interior. When you get home, simply toss them in the washer. This is an easy way to minimize carpool damage.

Try to Drive with the Windows Down

When you leave the air conditioner on all of the time, any moisture in the vehicle doesn’t fully dry and tends to grow mold. When the air blows over that mold, the microbes are picked up and transported throughout the passenger cabin, multiplying and being breathed in. This can actually make you sick, as we noted in our post about Sick Car Syndrome. When the windows are down, your seats are more likely to dry completely. Additionally, the fresh air circulation will help with any foul odors.

Store Equipment Outside of the Car

It’s tempting to keep pads, helmets, and cleats in the trunk — especially because it seems like there’s always some kind of practice going on. However, these items are often caked with dirt and sweat which will only create mold and foul odors when left to bake in the car on a summer day. A good trick to keep clean while remaining organized is to store a laundry basket in the trunk. Have the kids throw their equipment in the basket when you pick them up, then leave the laundry basket in the garage until the next practice.

Get Regular Detailings

Even when following the above tips, it’s impossible to catch every contaminant that enters your car. Only a professional detailing will ensure that every nook and cranny is clean, including door panels and cup holders. We’ll also shampoo the carpets to get any lingering dirt.

Just because you’re a soccer mom or dad doesn’t mean your car should smell like the locker room. Contact us at Rick’s Auto Detailing for your interior detailing today.

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