car stuck in snowSnowy weather is just around the corner, and you will want to stay safe while traveling in slippery conditions.

Though a best practice is to avoid driving in severe weather, there are instances when it cannot be avoided. For these occasions, it’s a good idea to keep a survival kit in your car.

The air doesn’t have to be white with swirling flakes for there to be trouble. Remember in January, 2014, when thousands of drivers were stranded on the highway in Atlanta after a thin sheet of ice glazed the roadways?

A post by the Wisconsin state government provides a list of emergency supplies to keep in your car in case of snow-related strandings.

Seven Items that May Save Your Life if You’re Stuck in Your Car:

  1. Spare Phone Charger: Your cell phone is a powerful lifeline in any emergency. Since running your car can cause carbon monoxide build up and quickly run through your limited amount of fuel, It’s a good idea to invest in a charger that operates without being plugged in.
  2. Wool Blanket and a Change of Winter Clothes: This is self-explanatory, you need a change of clothes to keep warm and dry. Since wool is warm, moisture-wicking, and water-resistant, it’s an ideal material for this situation.
  3. Flares and Fluorescent Flag: These tools may be old-fashioned, but they’re also effective. Flares are useful in a snow-related emergency since they are able to melt the snow surrounding them. Placing them near your stuck car can alert rescue crews where you are. Use the fluorescent flag to hang out of your window of from your antenna.
  4. High-Energy Snacks and Beverages: Experts suggest keeping enough rations to stay sustained for a day. It is unlikely that you will be trapped longer than that. High-energy snacks like nuts and jerky are good options. It is also a good strategy to keep a few sugary beverages on hand. The sugar and electrolyte content in these lowers the freezing temperature compared to regular water.
  5. Shovel: If you are stuck in a snowbank, freeing your car may be easier than you think. The first step is to shovel the surrounding snow from your car. A small shovel can go a long way in achieving this.
  6. Sand or Non-Clumping Cat Litter: This works with your shoveling method. Pouring sand or kitty litter under your tires can help get the traction you need to free your car out of trouble.
  7. Tow Rope: In the event that a good Samaritan stops by to free you from the embankment, a tow rope will come in handy!
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