prevent salt damage to your vehicleWinter is fast approaching and with it snow, ice, and road salt. The salt used to de-ice roads can also de-paint your vehicle if you are not careful. Your car’s exterior needs protection from the assault of winter with proper winterization. We recommend that you protect your car’s paint with a sealant and/or wax. The key is to apply a paint sealant that offers months of protection and ideally to create multiple layers of protection. Adding a top layer of wax will make your car shine when the winter sun does too. Washing your car during the cold months can be a challenge but removing road salt is a must even with protection. A professional car wash or rinse-less wash product are good options to avoid rinsing your car in the freezing cold. If this sounds like a lot of work that is because it is! Don’t forget that Rick’s professional detail staff can apply a coat of protection that will last all winter and keep your car looking good.

Right now is a great time to bring your car into Ricks for detailing, or just for a wash and wax.  A protective layer of wax can prevent damage to your vehicles paint.

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