Winter is fast approaching and with it snow, ice, and road salt. The salt used to de-ice roads can also de-paint your vehicle if you are not careful. Your car’s exterior needs protection from the assault of winter with proper winterization. Your car is your biggest investment next to your house, and if you want it to look and run great for 10-15 years to come then you need to take care of it properly.

We recommend that you protect your car’s paint with a sealant and/or wax before it gets too cold. The key is to apply a paint sealant that offers months of protection and, ideally, to create multiple layers of protection. Adding a top layer of wax will make your car shine when the winter sun does too. As Rick always says, “When your car looks good, you look smart.”

Winter Maintenance

Washing your car during the cold months can be a challenge but removing road salt is a must, even with protection. A professional car wash or rinse-less wash product are good options to avoid rinsing your car in the freezing cold. Don’t forget that Rick’s professional detail staff can apply a coat of protection that will last all winter and keep your car looking good.

Right now is a great time to bring your car into Ricks for just for a wash and wax, or even a detailing. Throughout winter, we constantly drive around with our windows rolled up which means any germs in the car get stuck and fester. Believe it or not, this is known as sick car syndrome and can make your family very ill. A great way to avoid sick car syndrome in the winter is regular auto detailing.

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