Rick’s is experienced in detailing a variety of cars, even ones that were no longer made after 1976. Recently a Plymouth Valiant Pacer came into our shop in need of an exterior and engine detail.

We began this exterior detail by hand-washing the car to remove all visible dirt. We then used iron decontamination and a spray lubricant. Next, we used an alcohol prep solvent to wipe down painted surfaces and then followed this with a machine polish. Waxing is an important part of our process, so we hand-applied wax to all painted surfaces, including exhaust pipes. To finish this off, we cleaned all exterior glass to a streak-free shine and dress all tires. The “Wild Yellow” color of the car never looked so good.

We moved onto the engine knowing this engine is a bit different than the normal everyday car: it’s a Hemi engine. A Hemi engine has a spherical head, and this design ended up being too heavy, so they’re not commonly found today. But our process for this engine detail doesn’t look too different. We sprayed the engine with a degreaser, and then steam cleaned it. Any dirt or grime that was collected on this engine was removed. Take a look:

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