Beautiful valentines day paper hearts on pink background. View from above. Valentines Day Concept.If you’re looking for a way to celebrate a loved one, think outside-the-box. Roses and chocolates are overdone, guys are always hard to shop for, and the long waits at restaurants this weekend will hardly be considered a treat. Instead, consider a Valentine’s Day gift that is both unique and thoughtful.

An auto detailing is the perfect gift for anyone. There is no better feeling than getting into a sparkling clean vehicle. It feels even more luxurious when you didn’t have to clean it yourself. The following are examples of recipients who would probably love the gift of auto detailing:

  • A parent in charge of the student carpool
  • A teen driver who hasn’t gotten around to vacuuming in a while
  • The executive who often breakfasts in the car
  • A husband whose car is his most prized possession
  • A wife who would appreciate a break

Obviously, the list goes on and on. At Rick’s Auto Detailing, our gift certificates make the best Valentine’s Day gift. They’re also the perfect option if you’re shopping last minute. Simply purchase your gift certificate online from our website and receive it in minutes. You never even have to leave the couch.

This Valentine’s Day, break tradition and get something your significant other actually wants. We can handle the worst messes from pet hair to stains. Give us a call for more information.

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