Mold, macro viewMany people treat their car as a second home, they spend a large part of their day in the car going to work, picking up the kids from school, or heading out to dinner. We eat and drink in our car, maybe you change your baby’s diaper on the backseat, or take the dog to the vet. The point is that all these activities in your car can make a mess and become a source of mold, fungus, and bacteria.

A recent study found that a typical car had 283 different types of bacteria per square inch. This is not surprising if you think of all the ways bacteria can get into your car. Just consider what you did last time you had a cold and sneezed spreading bacteria throughout the vehicle. Your car can be the ideal location for bacteria and mold to grow. Food that falls between seats and into cracks is kept in a dark environment in which mold blooms. The car is often not cleaned as regularly as your home and the mess and bacteria can fester and spread.

If you have children or carry animals in the car you might be transporting feces, vomit, E. Coli, and other bacteria. The surfaces of your car upholstery, floor mats, seats, seat belts, ect can be ideal homes for bacteria. For a driver the steering wheel and gearshift are touched constantly and become dirty with whatever was on your hands. The floor mats become a repository of all the dirt and bacteria your shoes bring in from the ground outside. Your trunk of groceries could be in contact with these disease causing bacteria or mold.

So if you car is making you feel sick, causing asthma attacks, or just grossing you out what do you do? The simple solution is to get your car thoroughly cleaned and detailed often. Rick’s professional detailing service will remove the sources of mold, fungus, and bacteria and disinfect your car. If it has been awhile since you cleaned your car you are going to need the deep clean that a full auto detail provides. We will eliminate bacteria and make your car a clean and healthy place.

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