Finally spring time has come to rescue us (and our cars) from harsh winter conditions. The salt, slush and freezing temperatures have probably done a number on your vehicle. If you want to undo winter’s abuse, consider having your car detailed, looking and feeling fresh just in time for warmer weather.

What is Auto Detailing?

Auto detailing sounds like a fancy service for people that are serious about having the most elite car, but it’s really a service for anyone looking to protect and clean their vehicle.

Auto detailing is the thorough cleaning, polishing, and waxing of an automobile, inside and out. While the term “detailing” doesn’t necessarily have one specific definition, in the auto world it usually includes more extensive steps than just washing and drying. It may also mean surface restoration, paint repair, and thorough cleaning of typically ignored car parts. In addition, it can include applying sealant and wax to your car to protect it from outside elements.

Why Auto Detail?

Your car has probably seen it all. You have no idea what happens when you’re not monitoring your parked car, from small scratches to dents and dings. The inside of your car sees just as much abuse, from snowy/muddy shoes to animal hair and crumbs. It happens, but auto detailing is an easy way to bring you personal satisfaction and have your car reaching it’s highest potential.

What are my Options?


At Rick’s we divide our detailing services so you can pick and choose or get a complete detail. A full exterior service includes a wax and wash as well as paint polishing and restoration. After we remove oxidized paint and surface scratches, we apply a wax to protect the finish. A full interior service includes extensive cleaning, which means we vacuum shampoo your floor mats and carefully clean leather seats. A full detail will have your car sparkly inside and out.

For more basic services, we also offer a soft glove hand wash & wax that includes glass polishing and vacuuming. Rick’s also can add on a wax application to protect your vehicle throughout the season.

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