A Wash and Wax service and polishing of all the paint on the vehicle. We aim to restore the paint to its original condition. We use a high speed buffer to apply a compound that will remove all oxidized paint, and clear the painted surfaces or surface scratches. We then hand wax the vehicle to protect the finish.

* Tree sap, road paint and other special cases may cost extra

Exterior includes:
All painted surfaces polished, All painted surfaces lusterized, Vinyl or cloth top, Front, side & rear lights, Front grill, Front air dam, Front & rear bumpers, Doorjambs & hinges, Gas tank compartment, Wheel well compartment, Wheels, Tires, Rocker panels, Chrome polished (door edges, bumpers, trim), Weather stripping, Body side moldings, Side Mirrors, License plate(s), Tailpipe, Pinstripes (free from wax deposits), Windows (including edges),Window trim
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