We were recently given the opportunity to detail a Chevy El Camino. The unique car has a retro look with a plum exterior, grey roof, and red interior. We knew exactly how to get this car looking brand new.

With all full details, we start with the inside. We vacuum and use compressed air on all carpets and fabric surfaces. We shampoo and steam clean all carpets and fabric surfaces.We also pay close attention to the door panels, dashboard, cupholders, and the ashtrays. Then, we clean all glass to show a streak-free shine. Next, we apply sealant to door jambs, and frames. Last, we vacuum and inspect the inside of the vehicle.

We then move onto the exterior of the vehicle. We start with a hand-washing, iron decontamination, and clay bar process. We use a high-speed buffer to apply a compound that will remove all oxidized paint, and clear the painted surfaces.We then hand wax the vehicle to protect the finish. apply wax. We then clean all exterior glass to look streak-free and clean all exterior plastic and tires.

This car was able to be returned to its owner looking as good as it did coming off the lot. We enjoyed working on this car. Be sure to check out some pictures of the final product:

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