Insect remover being sprayed on car front, covered with bugs and flies.Sometimes it seems as if Mother Nature is just out to get our cars. For those of us who don’t have a garage to park our vehicles daily, we are constantly facing threats to the quality of our auto paint. While usually these items seem innocent enough, they can actually cause long-term damage to your vehicle’s paint.

Below you’ll find some common enemies, as well as how to fight them:

  • Tree sap– Tree sap is sticky and can act like a glue while slowly eating away at your paint. A clay bar and tar remover are some effective ways to get rid of this substance. But, you should always get a wax right after to prevent future damage.
  • Bugs– Not only are bugs on your windshield a nuisance while driving, their remains are actually acidic and can damage your paint. For safety reasons, you should clean your windshield immediately then follow with a professional, detailed wash to get rid of the acid.
  • Bird droppings– It’s no secret that bird droppings on a car are ugly, but they can eat away at your paint too. Additionally, any seeds or gravel left by the bird could cause scratches. When cleaning off bird droppings, never use a circular motion as it will likely cause damage.
  • Gasoline– If you overfill your tank and leak gasoline on the side of your vehicle, you may end up with a stain. As soon as you realize you’ve spilled, wipe the gas away with a microfiber cloth. If you wait too long, the stain will become permanent.

We hope these tips allow you to maintain a clean, unblemished paint job between detailings. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment at Rick’s if these paint enemies become too much to handle.

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