Exterior Detailing on a Fiat Sedan No matter what type of vehicle you have, Rick’s Auto Detailing can wash all the dirt and grim away and make your car, truck, or SUV look just as good as the day you purchased it. Some paint colors and finishes can tend to be unforgiving when it comes to looking dull and dingy, so maintaining them and keeping the exterior clean and protected is well worth the effort. We see it all the time with white cars like this Fiat sedan that we recently worked on. They come to us looking discolored and dull, but once we work our magic on them, that white and glossy paint really shines!

To work our exterior detailing magic, we first had to hand wash the car and remove all visible dirt and debris. Then we used a solvent to decontaminate the surface of any iron particles that are less visible. To ensure all contaminants are fully removed, we finished the washing process by using a lubricant spray and clay bar that gets rid of lingering pollutants.

Moving on to the waxing process, we wiped down all painted surfaces with an alcohol-based prep solvent. Once that was applied, we went in with our specialized polishing machine and used a compound with a high-speed buffer to remove all oxidized paint and scratch marks. Then we were ready to seal everything in with our hand-applied protective wax.

With the main body of the car complete, we then focused on cleaning, polishing, and waxing the chrome parts of the car, including the exhaust pipes. For the finishing touches, we wiped down the exterior glass, giving it a streak-free shine, and we cleaned and dressed all tires.

Check out the before and after difference:

Exterior Detailing on a Fiat Sedan Exterior Detailing on a Fiat Sedan

The owner was very pleased with their freshly cleaned bright white car!

If you want to see how good your car could look with a professional exterior detail, book an appointment at Rick’s today.

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