You can leave your luxury car knowing it’s in good hands at Rick’s Auto Detailing. We have experience with all types of vehicles, including the common family car, utility trucks, luxury vehicles, and more.

Recently, we completed an exterior detail on a white Mercedes-Benz coupe. We started this detail by hand-washing the Benz: this removed all the visible dirt. Then we used a solvent on the surface to decontaminate any iron particles that cannot be seen on painted surfaces. We sprayed lubricant on the exterior then used a clay bar to ensure that all contaminants and pollutants were fully removed from the car’s surface.

Continuing on, we wiped down all painted surfaces with alcohol prep solvents. Then we used wax on all chrome surfaces, including the exhaust pipes. Furthermore, we polished and waxed all chrome, including exhaust pipes. Then we cleaned all exterior glass to a streak-free shine.

To finish off the coupe’s exterior detail, we cleaned and dressed all four tires. We were happy to be able to return the car shiny and seemingly brand new. Get a closre look:

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