Raw egg yolk and egg white with the cracked open egg shell and a complete egg in the back (Selective Focus, Focus on the front of the egg yolk)While you’re getting excited for Halloween, your car should be nervous about the night before. The infamous “Mischief Night” can become more than just innocent fun if vehicle owners don’t take proper action.

Want to hear Rick’s best advice? Keep your car in the garage overnight. It’s the fool-proof way to avoid holiday headaches. Waking up to a vandalized vehicle is a bit too much trick instead of treat, in our opinion. Keep in mind that egg stains can damage your paint, and deep key marks are very difficult to get out.

However, we know that garage parking isn’t an option for everyone. And, it’s likely those who can may forget until it’s too late. That’s why we’ve compiled the best tips for getting egg off your car (and your face).

1. Act Fast. The key to successful egg removal is speed. You’ll want to get to work as soon as possible, otherwise the egg yolk will set in and dull the paint surface.

2. Keep the Egg Wet. Try your best to avoid dried eggs — they’re tougher to remove when rubbery. If you have a lawn sprinkler, try facing it toward your car and letting it run for a few hours. Water is your best defense against egg stains.

3. Wash and Dry. You can’t use just any household cleaner on automotive paint. We recommend using a car-wash detergent after repeatedly rinsing the stain. With a microfiber cloth, gently rub the stain away.

Extra Tip: A trip through the car-wash won’t necessarily remove all traces of egg. The yolk contains chemicals that require individual attention to remove.

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