Detailing a Lincoln At Rick’s Auto Detailing, we work on all types of vehicles—sedans, SUVs, sports cars, trucks, and more—as well as both newer and older models. We recently cleaned up this older green Lincoln Town Car that belonged to a member of the Pennsylvania Sheriff’s Association.

To begin the exterior detailing process, our team gave the car an initial wash to remove the layer of dirt and debris on the surface. Then we went in with an iron-removing solvent to make sure any contaminating particles were completely gone. To finish the basic exterior washing, we used a spray lubricant and clay bar to get rid of lingering stubborn pollutants that didn’t get washed away with soap and water alone.

Next up was polishing! To prep for the machine polish and hand wax, we used an alcohol-based solvent to wipe down all surfaces on the Lincoln. Afterward, we went in with a specialized machine that polishes the exterior using a high-speed buffer and polish/compound combo. This helps remove any oxidized paint and scratch marks without damaging the car. We then continued by sealing all painted surfaces with a hand-applied wax.

For the finishing touches, we cleaned, polished, and waxed all chrome parts of the car, including the grille and exhaust pipes. We also cleaned and dressed all four tires and wiped down the exterior glass, leaving it with a nice streak-free shine.

The end result really helped bring out the Lincoln Town Car’s unique green color if we do say so ourselves! Now the exterior is looking fresh and like new.

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