Here at Rick’s, we were given the opportunity to work on a project that was out of the ordinary. We detailed a Subaru Sambar Dias from the 90’s. It features a retro appearance with its teal exterior, beige roof, and gray cloth interior.

We started by vacuuming the carpets and fabric surfaces.

Then, we degrease the tires and wheels while meticulously cleaning them.

We then rinsed the Subaru to remove larger pieces of debris while pre-soaking the front end and bumpers. We followed up by using spray soap to soak the entire vehicle. Finally, we finish cleaning the exterior of the car by hand washing all parts.

Subaru coated in white special soap








We finished this fun project by using forced air to dry the vehicle and cleaning the exterior glass.

Side of clean Subaru in garage








This car is full of memories and we were happy to keep it in tip-top condition. Check out some of the after pictures of this 1990 beaut:


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