apple pieToo many of us have had this experience. You bake a beautiful tray of desserts for Christmas dinner, and load them into your car.

Then, you have to slam on your brakes.

Your masterpiece is hurled forward, smearing frosting all over the interior, and not to mention ruining your hard work. This is also dangerous. Even at 35 mph, a 20 pound item, like a turkey or crock-pot, can hit you with 600 pounds of force.

We want to save you and your vehicle from frustration and disappointment, so we’ve put together our best tips on how to transport holiday dishes in your car.

6 Tips for Safely Transporting Holiday Dishes in Your Car

It Comes Out in the Wash: Tie down any casserole dish lids by the handles, and stow the dish inside a laundry basket in your trunk. If you don’t have a laundry basket, a cardboard box works too. This will keep the dish from spilling onto your interior or your loved one’s lap.

Wrap it Up: Wrap pies in foil, place them atop a rimmed baking sheet, and add another layer of foil around the entire thing. Put a grippy drawer liner underneath the pan.

Come Prepared: If you plan on taking home leftovers, get you equipment in order first! Pack storage containers and zip lock bags in a cloth grocery bag. These will be perfect for bringing grandma’s goodies back home.

Throw the Towel In: Line a cooler with towels to cushion your dish and prevent it from getting jostled on the road.

Get Caught in a Jam: Make a sheet cake if you can–the low center of gravity will help ensure safe transport. If you must make a multi-layer cake, place a blob of jam in the center of the serving dish and assemble your cake on top of it. That will keep your cake from sliding off the pan.

Tie it Down: When in doubt, secure your dish as best as you can, and keep it out of the cabin. Tie the lid to the pan, and secure the pan to your vehicle. If you drive a car with anchor points in the trunk, you’re in luck! Use those to secure your dish with bungee cords or string.

Happy holidays and safe travels from your friends at Rick’s!

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